Information for incoming students

International cooperation plays a very important role in the educational ideals and goals of the Bonporti Conservatory. At 137 kilometres from the Austrian border, Trento is located in a highly strategic geographical position and has a strong cosmopolitan vocation. The Erasmus+ Program is part of this mission, providing students and teachers with cultural and professional exchanges with several European partner Institutions.  In the same way the Conservatory welcomes foreign students and teachers with the intent of providing them with the best possible experience in their mobility program. Inter-institutional research projects enrich our school and implement the development of new ideas, teaching methodologies and performing abilities and opportunities for its students. The Bonporti Conservatory firmly believes in the value of an experience abroad and supports the Erasmus+ Program by awarding departing students with a monthly stipend, in addition to the one granted by the National Erasmus Agency. We invite all foreign students who would like to come and study in Trento or Riva del Garda to contact us for information on study plans and teachers. A wonderful human and musical experience near the Dolomites and Lake Garda is awaiting you!

The Bonporti Conservatory has two locations: Trento (center of the city) and Riva del Garda (on the Garda Lake). See link.

We are aware of the difficulties that may arise in carrying out the erasmus mobility due to the ongoing health emergency. We, therefore, remain available for any kind of clarification and to try to facilitate Bonporti’s internationalization activities as much as possible.


When to apply

1st semester: from February 15th to May 31st

2nd semester: from September 15th to November 15th 

The Conservatorio “F.A.Bonporti” will send its decision within 30 days after each deadline.

How to apply / Forms

All enquiries and applications for exchange programmes must be made through the Erasmus or International Coordinator at your home institution.

We ask to have all documents sent in one connected PDF file (possibly in the order here below) to

It will help us if you would name the file as following: last name, first name of the applicant, instrument or subject, BA or MA, Erasmus code of the sending conservatory (ex.: Fortunato_Federica_Pianoforte_MA_I TRENTO02.

Please list the links to videorecording also in the email.

Required Documents (filled in typed form)

  1. Application  Form of the Student (AF)
  2. Learning Agreement (LA)
  3. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  4. Motivation Letter
  5. Presentation Letter
  6. Transcript of Records
  7. Videorecording (link, for instance, to Youtube) or Portfolio (at least two works for composition students)

Learning Agreement: it has to be prepared according to our courses catalogue, signed by you and your Erasmus Coordinator. In case of acceptance, it has to be signed by our Erasmus Coordinator before your departure to Trento.

Videorecording: please consider a performance of about 15-20 minutes.

Singers and Instrumentalists should present three musical pieces or songs/arias from different periods. The single musical pieces must be recorded unedited and show the applicant’s entire body.

Applicants for the Jazz program should prepare and submit the following pieces from the standard repertoire: one ballad, one functional-harmonic piece, one blues and one original composition.

Composition Students should enclose a few compositions of varying instrumentations. If any recordings are available on the web, please provide a link.


At the Conservatorio “F.A.Bonporti” all courses are taught in Italian; teachers have proficiency in other languages (English, Spanish, German, French are the most used), but collective lessons are obviously held in Italian. So we strongly suggest that you learn some Italian even before travelling here in order to gain most benefit from your exchange.

CLA (Centro Linguistico di Ateneo / University Language Centre) provides language courses (Italian and other languages) for Erasmus students.

Academic Calendar (courses, exams sessions, deadlines)

How to find courses

You can find all courses offered at the Conservatorio “F.A.Bonporti” in this website:



For courses timetables and programmes see:

ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System)

In the framework of the Bologna processes to which the Conservatorio “F.A.Bonporti” feels committed, ECTS is the European system for the transfer and accumulation of study attainments. The recognition of study attainments and diplomas is a requirement for the establishment of a European higher education area in which students and teachers have free mobility.

The students and their studies become the focus under this system. The ECTS is based on the estimated workload students have to invest in order to complete a degree successfully.

The workload summarised:

–       Contact hours with teachers in lectures (=Semester hours SSt.)

–       Self- study and practice, the preparation of and participation in exams.

In this way, ECTS takes the whole workload into account and is thus not limited to the amount of tuition received. Furthermore ECTS is connected with the learning outcomes and the competences acquired during a degree program.

Calculations of the workload show an annual rate of 1500 hours (working week of 40 hours with 38 working weeks in a year). 60 ECTS Credits are allocated to these 1500 hours of student work, giving a simple:

1 ECTS credit= 25 hours of student work

Studies at the Conservatorio “F.A.Bonporti” have the following ECTS credit allocations:

Bachelor program (6 semesters): 180 ECTS- credits

Master program (4 semesters): 120 ECTS- credits

Italian grading system

The Italian assessment system will be used for the awarding of grades. Incoming students are provided with an EhB ECTS grading table, accompanying the Transcript of Records. The Italian grading system is based on a maximum of 30 points, with 18/30 as the pass grade. “Honours” may be awarded (30/30 cum laude).

 Italian academic grading scheme Definition





Outstanding performance



27 – 29



Generally good, but with some minor errors



24 – 26



Generally sound work but with a number of errors



21 – 23



Performance meets the minimum criteria



Positive performance, where strict differentiation is not adequate



In case of insufficient result no grade is given.





For a whole frame of Italian grading system, see:

Health Insurance

European students or students resident in the EU may submit the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) that must be valid for the whole mobility period.

Extra-European students non-resident in the EU need a private insurance valid for the visa application.

Do you have a European Health Insurance Card?

You can directly access the Italian National Health Service (SSN) without paying any subscription. If you are staying in Italy for more than 3 months the European Health insurance card entitles you to benefit of medically necessary health treatments but for a complete health coverage you should obtain the S1 form

More info:〈Id=en

Did you obtain an S1 form in your home country, before departure?

You can register with the SSN free of charge visiting one of the local health offices.

To register, take the following documents with you:

  • Certificate of enrollment at Conservatorio di Trento
  • “codice fiscale”
  • copy of your passport/ID card
  • S1 form (issued by the health authority in the EU country where you are entitled to healthcare)You should also communicate the name of the general practitioner of your choice.
  • Are you lacking both the European Health Insurance Card and the S1 form? You can voluntarily register with the SSN upon payment of a subscription fee following the same procedure as Non EU citizens.

At your arrival

Before leaving home, please contact the Erasmus Coordinator, giving date, place and hour of your arrival. If you wish, you will be welcomed at the station of Trento by a student from the Conservatorio; in any case, you will get a first rendezvous with the Erasmus Coordinator in order to register your arrival and go through practical and educational matters.

During your stay

The Erasmus Coordinator will be always available (by mail, personal phone, direct meetings) during your stay in order to discuss and try to solve any kind of problems; furthermore we will try to create informal occasions in which you can meet other students.

Learning Agreement Changes

During your stay you can change your Learning Agreement. Ask the Erasmus Coordinator in Trento to help you deciding which courses to add or drop. The new Learning Agreement has to be accepted by your home Institution.

Extension of the mobility period

During your stay you can extend your mobility period. Come to the Erasmus Office to get the application for the Erasmus mobility period extension: it has to be signed by you and the Erasmus Coordinator in Trento, then sent to your home Institution for approval.


Erasmus Office Conservatorio Trento

Erasmus Coordinator: prof. Calogero Di Liberto

Administration: dott. Gianni Tamanini

Living in Trento

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