Student Council

What is it?

The Student Council is the representative body of the students of the Trento Conservatoire. Consisting of five students elected every three years, it is responsible for bringing the problems and needs of students to the institutional bodies (Academic Council and Administrative Council), for proposing new ideas for the organisation, teaching, and services of the Institute, and for organising events and manifestations to encourage encounters between students and to improve school life.

The Council appoints student representatives to the Administrative Council and the Academic Council.

Current Council composition (2020/2022 triennium)

Sebastiano Beozzo
President and Member of the Academic Council

Elena Di Marino
Vice president

Anthony Dantone
Member of the Academic Council
Drums Pop

Marianna Grieco
Didactics of Music

Marco Gatti

Student Representative on the Administrative Council:

Emma Ludovica Breda
Member of the Administrative Council

Student representatives of the faculties (a.y. 2021/2022):

  • Faculty of Bows and Strings: Teresa Lever
  • Faculty Singing: Elena Di Marino
  • Faculty of Didactics: Alice Di Matteo
  • Faculty of Winds: Kristian Alberti
  • Faculty of Old Music: Martina Sicher
  • Faculty of Ensemble Music: Camilla Merz
  • Faculty of New Technologies and Musical Languages: Jacopo Cenni
  • Faculty of Keys and Percussion: Mattia Menapace
  • Faculty of Theory, Analysis, Composition and Direction: Gioele Andreolli


The Council took office in November 2020. It has set itself the goal of creating new projects that involve all the faculties of our Conservatoire, in order to create an ongoing meeting and exchange of ideas between all students. Another point dear to the Council is everything related to digital interaction between the institution and students, i.e. social networks and the website; it pays great attention to the quality of the Conservatoire’s audio-visual documentation. To ensure better and more immediate contact between the various locations, the Council has appointed a contact person for the Riva del Garda location (Tommaso Saturnia) and one for the Via Veneto location (Anthony Dantone). The goal is a clear division of roles, so that each student has a contact person for every need. The Council is always available for any proposals, clarifications, and questions.

Contact the Council

Student representatives can be contacted by e-mail for proposals, problems, and reports. Address: