Preparatory courses

Starting from the academic year 2019/2020, following the publication in the Official Gazette (No. 256 of 3 November 2018) of Ministerial Decree No. 382 of 11 May 2018, the Propaedeutic courses will be activated, replacing the Pre-Academic courses.
The propaedeutic courses are courses whose educational content and didactic articulation are aimed at the acquisition of the skills necessary to be admitted to the First Level Academic Diploma courses, subject to an admission examination, without educational deficits.
The maximum duration of the Propaedeutic Courses is set at three academic years, divided into first, second and third years which are in turn divided into semesters.
Admission to the propaedeutic courses requires passing an entrance examination and being placed on a ranking list.
There are no age limits for admission.

At the end of the propaedeutic course, at the student’s request, a certificate will be issued attesting to the completed study programme, the achievement of the training objectives, the tests passed and the duration of the course itself.