Transforming institutions of musical education to reinforce their role in passing on Europe’s cultural heritage.

Erasmus+ KA201 Project
(September 2018 – August 2020)


“MusIntegrACTION” is an Erasmus project proposed by the Conservatoire of Murcia (Spain) and started with a first meeting in Trento (November 2018) to study and enhance integrated music education between higher music institutes and conservatoires.

This ‘technical’ aim is part of a broader framework of thought: to develop professional and relational skills that will encourage young people to develop an international vision of their future studies and actions. In the belief that the awareness of a common European citizenship is an essential requirement for the professional prospects of young musicians.

There are two main objectives of the project, which will take place over two years:

  • to compare and study together virtuous teaching and organisational strategies;
  • to circulate among the partners knowledge of the territory and musical (and other) traditions of the four regions involved.

The work is not only conceived within high schools and conservatoires: looking at the resources, history and dynamics of the territories is another component of the path. Music not as ‘specialism’ separated from social reality; curiosity and musical activity as a stimulus to widespread creativity, aware of one’s own and others’ cultural contexts.

Operationally, the project consists of continuous research along shared guidelines and through international meetings that will be held, in turn, in the four participating cities:

  • Student exchange weeks
  • Work meetings of lecturers
  • Coordination meetings

Partner Institutes

Conservatorio de Música de Murcia (Murcia, Spain) – Coordination

Instituto de Educación Secundaria „El Carmen“ (Murcia, Spain)

Conservatorio di Musica „F. A. Bonporti“ (Trento, Italy)

Liceo Musicale-Coreutico „F. A. Bonporti“ (Trento, Italy)

Musikgymnasium Weimar (Weimar, Germany)

Escola de Música do Conservatório Nacional (Lisboa, Portugal)



Concertis Brochures

Student concert hall programme