Course 24 credits

24 Credits Training Course


For access to the teaching profession in secondary schools of I and II degrees, it will be possible to be admitted (three-year and two-year) to the “24 credit” pathway.

from 29/09/2021 to 17/10/2021.

Admission and related documents must be entered on the ISIDATA portal

(by clicking on this link you will access Isidata, choose “1. Entry application”. A page opens on which you can upload your personal data (in the “course type” box, choose the option “initial training apprenticeship (fit) ” after entering, you will be able to attach the credit recognition form for already completed activities see below) .

The form self-certifying previous training activities (recognition of credits) must be completed and entered on the portal duly signed.

Forms without a signature will not be taken into consideration.

The application, the enclosed list for the request for recognition of credits and the documentation relating to these credits must be scanned in a single PDF file with the candidate’s surname and first name in the file name.

For internal students (i.e. those who are enrolled in a three-year or two-year course at the “Bonporti” Conservatoire of Music in the academic year 21/22) it is necessary to enter in Isidata, at the time of enrolment, the payment of the 16 euro revenue stamp to be paid by bank transfer to the account identified by the IBAN code IT15X0359901800000000137928 made out to the Conservatorio “F. A. Bonporti” di Trento.

From 20/10/2021 to 25/10/2021 it will be possible to enrol, submit the Indicatore della Situazione Economica Equivalente (ISEE). The study plan will be completed from 21/10/2021 to 26/10/2021.