Alma Laurea

AlmaLaurea is an Inter-University Consortium that – with the support of the Ministry of Education, University and Research – exists to connect companies and graduates and to act as a point of reference for all those (scholars, operators, etc.) who deal at various levels with the issues of university studies, employment, and the condition of young people.

Since 2012, the AlmaLaurea system has also been extended to the Higher Education in Art, Music and Dance. Graduates from the university system are therefore joined by graduates from the AFAM system. The Study Institution and AlmaLaurea invite all undergraduates/graduates to fill in a questionnaire online, which serves a dual purpose:

  • collect evaluations and opinions on the academic experience that is about to come to an end, in order to monitor students’ study paths and analyse the characteristics and performance of graduates and diploma holders, thus improving the educational opportunities offered by third-level education. The results of the research are available on the AlmaLaurea website, in the area dedicated to universities;
  • acquire the relevant information needed to compose the student’s curriculum vitae in order to facilitate his or her entry into the world of employment: with this in mind, the data of students wishing to take advantage of this opportunity will be made available to organisations and companies that request it.

All undergraduate/graduate students who have applied for a degree at their Student Secretariat are required, for statistical data collection purposes, to complete the AlmaLaurea questionnaire..

The decision to make one’s curriculum visible in the AlmaLaurea data bank is discretionary.. During registration on the AlmaLaurea site, the student will be asked whether he/she intends to make his/her curriculum visible to interested companies and institutions for the purposes of job placement and professional training.

Upon submission of all the documents required for graduation at the Student Secretariat, the undergraduate/graduate student must present the AlmaLaurea certificate, which can be printed out upon completion.


What is AlmaLaurea?

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To complete the questionnaire

Before filling in the AlmaLaurea questionnaire, it is necessary to register and acquire access credentials:

Register on AlmaLaurea

If you already have access credentials for the AlmaLaurea site (note that these are different from those you use to access your institution’s online services):

Log in to AlmaLaurea to fill in the questionnaire

If you are pursuing a second degree (e.g. a second-level academic diploma), you must log in with the credentials already assigned to you when you obtained your first degree or diploma.

Add the new qualification to your CV and fill in the new questionnaire.

Letter of introduction from the director



Dear graduating student,

I do not know what your academic experience that is about to come to an end has been, but I do know that from this experience (and from that of all those who complete their studies) we can draw useful elements to improve our Institution and to facilitate your own entry (or a different, better placement) in the world of employment in Italy and Europe. This is the dual purpose that our Institution pursues by joining the AlmaLaurea database, which has been operating successfully since 1994.

For this purpose, an electronic questionnaire has been set up, which I kindly ask you to fill in completely and frankly, returning the receipt to the Secretariat before the end of your studies: I would like to point out that the questionnaire will only be used after the conclusion of your studies, and that your answers will be treated as strictly confidential.

I have mentioned another important objective that we are pursuing with this initiative: that of facilitating your entry into the world of work (or a different, better placement). To this end, your data will be entered in the AlmaLaurea database and made available to companies that request them, and, if you wish, can also be seen as a student before the completion of your studies. Moreover, numerous other services will be provided for your benefit; it is in your interest to keep your CV constantly updated.

I thank you for your cooperation and greet you warmly.