Dictionary for Multidisciplinary Music Integration

DiMMI 2024: contamination

Trento, November 29-30, 2024
Conservatorio F.A. Bonporti
Via S. Giovanni Bosco 4, Trento (ITALY)


The Integrated Multidisciplinary Music Dictionary (DiMMI) is a bi-annual conference in which scholars, researchers, musicians, and practitioners are asked to interpret a single keyword within the perspective of their own discipline, seeking to promote the exchange of ideas at the crossroad with other research communities.
After dissonance in 2020, rules in 2021, and interaction in 2022, the keyword for the 2024 edition is CONTAMINATION.
Contamination is the process in which a pure element is perturbed in its state by an external agent. While in chemical terms this has generally a negative connotation, blending knowledge from different research areas, meeting at the crossroads of hard and soft sciences, is among the most sought after and ultimate goals of scholars and practitioners whose aim is to broaden their research spectrum in a multidisciplinary fashion.

DiMMI 2024 aims to promote the cross-fertilization across disciplines, being a unique opportunity where music and the world of sounds can drive and be driven by the research in a multitude of domains. This offers the context for colleagues from different disciplines like social sciences, humanities, and technical-scientific areas to develop concepts and applications in their respective areas, even beyond self-evident correlations with music.

Topics of interest refer (but are not limited to) to CONTAMINATION with respect to :
• Sound design
• Audio and Speech signal processing
• Soundscaping
• Musical form, style, and content
• Cross-disciplinary artistic research
• Aesthetics in music, sound and arts
• The socio-economics of music and art
• Interfaces for Musical expression.


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